Meaghan Richmond

Post integration

Do the burns leave scars?

With proper care, the gates will leave little to no scarring.  If you leave the dragon’s blood to naturally scab and fall of in it’s own time and follow it up with vitamin E oil the scars will fade.  

How will I feel after the treatment?

Ideally you’ll feel great, though you may be tired.  It is recommended to eat and rest after ceremony.  You’ll be able to drive, but leave time to relax and don’t make plans for the rest of the day if you can avoid it.  In the days and weeks following, people often report increased senses, positive mood, high stamina, quick reaction time, emotional breakthroughs, clarity, motivation, and less stress.  Post-kambo is a fantastic time to make positive lifestyle changes, quit negative habits, make important decisions, and take on big tasks and challenges.

Kambo can reset the system, it clears out harmful toxins, negative energy, and limiting beliefs. Post-kambo is the time to begin again… to do all the things you’ve talked about doing but haven’t! 

The frog stays with you long after the ceremony, guiding and protecting you.