Meaghan Richmond



A mature, new-age hostel with an environment catering to like-minded, adventurous, traveling spirits. It’s nestled on Peak 7 in a quiet mountain neighborhood. Located in Breckenridge, Colorado- the #1 ski resort destination of North America, Meg’s Breck B&B is true magic. Free skier parking & town is less than 10 min away, and the house layout enables privacy, yet permits a social setting, encouraging Conscious Connection, Play, & Discovery <3
A house full of fun people that commonly make dinner together, share smiles, and exchange stories and laughter.

The Space

The space has private, locking bedrooms with Queen & Twin memory foam beds and shared baths on each level.

Common Space includes a music area with guitars, piano & percussion, gourmet kitchen, bar, dining room, living room, & deck.

Guest Access You will have access to the main level, which is communal space. It has a living room with a 50″ Samsung Smart TV with HMDI cord and Apple TV. There is a music area (piano and record player), a dining room that seats 8, kitchen with bar area, outdoor balconies, and a large sun deck. The main level also has a half bath.

Keep in mind..

You are signing up for a social environment!!! At any point the house may have up to 10+ people living and sleeping in it, all on varying schedules.

My house is about 2000 square feet. It has large and open spaces, with lots of windows and light.

It is newly remodeled, but still an old house and sound does travel, especially with a house full of people. As a conscious community, we expect everyone to have common sense when it comes to being responsible, respectful, and accommodating to others’ privacy, space, and schedule.

The house revolves around Ski season. Going to bed at a decent time (or at least going to your room) is my idea of Quiet Hours. Every room is equipped with a white noise machine and box fan to help ease you into your space and sleep 🙂

I try and filter through people to create the perfect mountain vibe and energy for my home. Upon checking in, there may be up to 3 other rooms rented by someone even cooler than you 😉 I try and keep my invited guests to mature, responsible, but fun adults. We commonly have dinner parties, ski together, and/or go out for drinks. Last season I had 2 Australians spend the whole month of Feb with me, then extend for a whole extra month because they were having such a blast!! Over Christmas I had the best group a girl could ask for: French, Swiss, NY, and LA all in one house bringing in the New Year.

<< Everyone is expected to be responsible and respectful. Do your dishes, clean up after yourselves, etc. >>

***GUEST PARKING= 1 SPOT MAX due to County restrictions. MAX Occupancy for this room is 2; for the home is 10.


Breck is definitely where its at as far as visiting and/or moving to. I moved here the day I graduated college and have never looked back. I just bought a home, and I am doing a full gut and extensive remodel just down the street.

The mentality and way of life here is what I’ve fallen in love with.

People work to live, not live to work. We focus our lives around being and playing outside (we have over 300 days of sunshine a year), everywhere is dog friendly, marijuana is legal, (which speaks of the open mindness more than anything), and normally the talk around the table is about everyone’s previous or next travel adventure.

Progression, love, empathy, and being and creating an overall sense of happiness is what my friends, and my town are all about.

A little about BRECKENRIDGE: You get a local feel of warmth, community, and friendliness which is unlike any of the other resort communities I’ve visited. Most resorts, especially those owned by Vail Resorts, do not cater to the community vibe, and most residents are only part-time 2nd and 3rd home owners. Vail is in the Interstate-70 corridor literally the busiest Western Road running thru it! Other ski States, like Utah are far less progressive state than Colorado. There, most laws are oriented around strict Mormon culture. For example, even in the bars they have machines that pour exact shots. Beers are not sold cold, unless it is 3.2%! Once again, thank you for your time, energy, and consideration. I hope you get the best ski vacation any of us could ever manifest, with or without a stay in my home