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Kambo: Ancient Amazonian Frog Medicine


Kambo, a secretion from the Giant Amazonian Tree Frog, is a celebrated medicine of the Rain Forest used by many tribes. It is placed onto the skin via multiple burn marks and left on the treatment site for the duration of the Ritual, for typically less than an hour. It permits immediate and radical detoxification and cleansing. Unlike many of its comparable Divine counterparts, such as Ayahuasca and San Pedro, Kambo usually does not acquaint with hallucinations; rather it is a more grounding, earth bound release. Catering to those looking for a physical and/or energetic body recalibration, Kambo is a Shamanic tool that is used to pull out of you whatever is no longer serving.


Kambo is traditionally used by Amazonian jungle tribes as hunting medicine.  

The Kambo frog has no natural predators and consequently, no fear.  

Tribespeople take kambo before a hunt so that they, too, are fearless – sharp of eye, quick of foot, agile, energized, able to see their prey and bring it home. Kambo gives them courage, dexterity, strength, and clarity.

 We stalk a very different prey in the modern world: health, happiness, and success lay in our crosshairs and sometimes elude our aim. Kambo removes obstacles from our path and helps us step into our power.

Kambo is an incredible ally; a healer and doctor, a teacher, and a guide on the hunt through life’s jungles.

Kambo is the secretion from the giant monkey tree frog, the phyllomedusa bicolor.

Indigenous tribes such as the Matses of Peru sing to the frogs at dawn to call them down from the trees.  The frogs are then gently tied to four sticks in the ground, spreading them out into a “X.”  The tribespeople believe that the frog has a spirit that would be angered if they were to harm it, so they carefully handle each frog with respect. Once tied to the stakes the frog will begin to excrete; this initial secretion will be gently scraped off and applied to a small wooden plank before the frog is released.  The strings leave a small white line on each leg which indicates that particular frog should not be milked again until the line has faded two to three months later.  This process does not drain the frog of its natural defense and ensures that only the strongest secretion is applied to the stick. A finished kambo stick will contain the initial secretion of 5-6 frogs.  Kambo harvested in this way is considered 100% ethical.  

Because the frog has no natural predators, it is not at all endangered. The only thing that puts it at risk is the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, its natural habitat.  

The IAKP (International Association of Kambo Practitioners) supplies only the highest quality, ethically sourced kambo from the Matses tribe.  The collection and sale of this helps provide community infrastructure and education for their children. IAKP practitioners are encouraged to give back a percentage of each treatment to a non-profit fund established by the IAKP and given directly to the Matses.

(source IAKP

The Experience

an excerpt from meaghans recent publication in modern vibration :

As your heartbeat picks up, your throat becomes overcome with cotton mouth. Your pores open, knowing they are the first doorway for the purge to pour through. Then, you realize the burns on your arm are pulsating with the activated Kambo medicine and perhaps even your breath is syncing with the Shaman’s drum as you concentrate on not concentrating. Within moments of becoming present, the frog spirit takes ahold of your organs and wrings them out to the point of exhaustion. Soon, the 2 liters of water you drank prior to ceremony is in your purge bucket. Icaros, (enchanting songs holding vibrational power similar to Sanskrit) activate and aid in navigation as you muster the power to will out more substances that seem and are, foreign to your body, both energetic and/or bright neon bile. “This is extreme” are the only words that echo from the space.

And yes, it is extreme. The journey down the Rabbit Hole to the other side left Alice a little shaken up, as will opening Pandora’s box for you. When seeking truth, understanding, and healing, you are confronted with infinite ‘work’ yet quickly matched with these rewards. Know that most people are initially drawn to the Shamanic Kingdom of Plants & Spirits for physical healing, as Western Medicine has failed them or presented answers that do not resonate. The wonder and intentional exploration for the growth of the soul typically comes later, and in time, a desire to pierce the Veil leads to 5th Dimensional Living.

Amazonian tribes primarily use Kambo to create Hunting Magic (essentially sharper focus), treat Panema, and ward off illness. Panema, an indigenous name for dark or negative energy, parallels with a modern day association of clearing addictive patterning, laziness, and depression. Both anciently and today, uses of Kambo include treatment of infections, fertility problems, cleansing, strengthening the mind, building immunity in the body, to increase energy, detoxification, and pain relief.

From experience in both training and my practice, I attribute Frog Medicine to multiple success stories for STD release, in particular Herpes II and HPV and liberation of womb trauma, ranging from recalibrating a woman’s moon calendar (triggering menstruation when dormant or irregular) to cleaning space for blooming fertility. Additionally, the unraveling of Alcoholism, Eating Disorders, and complacency have positive results credited to the mysticism of the frog spirit, empowering one with a new sense of self, as the auric field and chakra centers recalibrate. On a more scientific note, the magic frog aka Phllomedusa Bicolor, contains dozens of anti-microbial peptides, of which are proven to be effective against drug resistant strains of bacteria and viruses. Furthermore, bioactive peptides, which trigger specific chemical reactions in the body, work to change your neurochemistry. This, accompanied with neuroplasticity (reconditioning of the mind), empowers a new and healthier You!


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