Meaghan Richmond


An Accelerated Awakening

Below is an Excerpt from an article of Meaghan’s, recently published in Modern Vibration:

Enriching, reconditioning, and elevating the collective consciousness, Ayahuasca is a sacred Divine Spirit housed as a plant medicine, indigenous to the Amazon. It cultivates a new awareness that leads to profound understanding and discovery. Typically offered during a guided Shamanic Ceremony, Ayahuasca is a Pandora’s box experience that opens doors, uncovers rabbit holes, and engages a shift by introducing new paradigms and perceptions. Karmic debts become exposed, ancestral patterns are revealed, and one begins to unlearn a lifetime of conditioning, initiating a journey of exponential growth. The ceremonial experience launches you like a rocket ship, creating a shortcut to the fifth dimension. Blasting out of the earth plane and piercing the veil into a higher vibration removes limitation of time or space; healing is accelerated beyond ration and reason. By cultivating neuroplasticity and reprogramming the DNA through epigenetics and miracles, the mind-body-spirit connection is restored to full vitality. 


Truly a mystical adventure, a surrender to the unknown and unseen is required. The proof is in the Experience. How you feel after an interaction will formulate what you believe. And what you believe will transcend the need for proof, as Mysticism cannot be proven in the reality of social norm thinking. Some things must be felt with the heart; Ayahuasca is most certainly one of them.  Known as Grandmother and Queen of the Forest, the spirit of Ayahuasca is often seen as a cosmic serpent, weaving through the duality of dark and light. Various translations illustrate this full spectrum nature, with Peruvians calling her Vine of Death/Darkness, as their ceremonial experience facilitates a more inward and meditative journey. In comparison, Brazilians refer to her essence as ‘Mirror to the Soul,’ reflecting your ways, showing radical self-awareness, thus inspiring transformation. As a celebration of life and light ceremony, dancing and singing establishes a strong group circuit, contributing to a community healing dynamic.

Throughout either type of ceremony, a dialogue with the higher self transpires, where intentions, prayers, and curiosities are discussed and explored. Many roads to create and/or change what you seek are uncovered. Furthermore, opportunities to feel love, connect, and discover, encourage, empower, and recharge you. Many participants purge toxins and negative energies, creating space for healing. Rather than ‘getting sick’, this process is known as ‘getting well.’ Unlike typical post vomiting weakness and foul smell, a feeling of lightness entails. Surrendering what is no longer serving, both to the purge bucket and Grandmother, permits a release of karmic hooks that anchor one to the third dimension, facilitating transcension and creating a shift to a higher vibration and consciousness!


Feelings of alone-ness, unworthiness, and dis-ease dissolve, and are comforted with empathy and an experiencing of oneness with the world. Many report similar visions, seeing crystalline webs of geometric fractals that weave energy fields, limbs, roots, and thoughts of all BE-ings, particles, and places. Scientifically, Ayahuasca is a hallucinogenic botanical brew leading to altered states of consciousness. It is typically composed from leaves of the chacruna plant (Psychotria viridis), which contain the hallucinogen N,N- dimethyltryptamine (DMT) and jagube vine (Banisteriopsis caapi), an MAO Inhibitor that aids in increasing the bioavailability of DMT. As a disclaimer, current Western law (aside from Oakland, CA) schedules DMT as a Class 1 Felony, conditioning us to abide by a conformed reality. However, stepping outside of this box is facilitated by a quick eight hour flight to Amazonia, where seeking enlightenment is encouraged and legal. In fact, Santo Daime, a recognized religion of Brazil, uses Ayahuasca as its sacrament.


Ultimately, an Ayahuasca ceremony presents you the opportunity to take a Divinely guided tour of your life with a bird’s eye view, allowing the things that slipped through the cracks to come to the forefront of awareness, inviting freedom through action and integration. Ceremony starts the day after ceremony. It is what you do with what you learn that is the critical key to re-open this door to next level living you previewed. Once the Seed of Ayahuasca is planted, it is up to you to water your Soul, and help cultivate the new Earth that is upon us. Manifestation = Intention + Action. 

Do you hear the call? If so, join Meaghan & her teacher in Peru: May 2022! Contact me for more info!! <3