Meaghan Richmond

About Me

Scratching the surface with Meg:

Empowering the healer within, creating Conscious Connection by reTribing, aspiring to inspire, cultivating a joyful state, & crafting magical Spaces to do so are Meaghan’s Passions.

Meaghan Richmond, Medicine Carrier, Shamanic Witch, and Master Reiki Teacher & Practitioner serves as a bridge to other realms. Her passion is cultivating connection. Focusing on building Tribe & understanding Mysticism, she studies with Shamans & High Priestesses in Peru, Brazil, Europe, and Australia. Embracing her Celtic lineage and love for the Amazon, Meg crafts an holistic approach to love, discovery, & healing; harmonizing your relationship to and with your highest self and life.

She calls upon Divine guidance to offer Intuitive Guidance with the help of Plant Medicines, Magick, Crystals & Vibrational Sound, Usui Reiki, Space Clearing/Building, & Blueprint Discovery through Human Design and Astrology. She holds private sessions, community workshops, Medicine Bazaars, Sacred Plant Ceremonies, and facilitates trips and retreats in Colorado, the Amazon, & Bali.

Her Spiritual reAwakening was ignited with her first trip to the jungle in 2012, where she spent an Autumn in Peru learning the ways and language of the plants. Her journey to Holistic Health began with a near death experience/flight-for-life in 2015 the week her Saturn Return began. Meaghan attributes her healing to Plant Medicine Guidance, Angels, & Quantum Healing.

Currently Meaghan nests in Breckenridge Colorado at her Boutique Hostel & Air BnB, deemed The Crystal Palace aka The Breck BrujHaus, where she teaches Magick & hosts an array of eclectic events. She also enjoys time to herself on her farm in Salida, Colorado, where she is currently at the planning & engineering stages of developing a New-Age & New Earth net-zero community: reTribed.

In the winter, Meg tends to migrate South like a little bird. Her hibernation is rather in the jungle, with sprouts of play & dance around the Equator’s warmth. The ocean is her happy place. A business owner in Bali, and a lover of Costa Rica & Mexico, an endless summer is perhaps her favorite season.

Of late, she has committed to more time in Colorado as her biggest Passion Project to date is about to launch: Sanctuary of the Sovereign Heart, one of Colorado’s first sacrament ‘churches’ celebrating the legal use of plant medicine through the Religious Freedoms Restoration Act. Denver is currently hand in hand with Oregon as they lead the way with the decriminalization movement of all sacred plants. Meg is THRILLED to be a the fore-front of the Psychedelic Movement. MORE COMING SOON…..

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